Landkit v1.0.13 – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Landkit Build a lovely and trendy website with versatile Elementor widgets built from scratch. Landkit is designed to make your life easier. Variables, build tools, documentation and reusable blocks. Designed with the latest design traits in thoughts. Landkit feels trendy, minimal and delicious.


Interaction Highlights

We use trendy libraries under dynamic improvement and strive to make it extremely easy to connect habits to parts.

  • Megamenu navigation: native Bootstrap markup to create rich card-like dropdowns
  • Animate parts: rich and powerful animations triggered when a component is displayed on the screen
  • Parallax: GPU accelerated scrolling parallax on backgrounds and DOM parts
  • Sliders: Great slider choices for testimonials, logos, online galleries
  • Photo/Video Zoom: Stunning photo and video zoom that really looks like parts are being pulled from the webpage
  • Typed Text Content: Typed Text Content and Automated Removal
  • Animated counting: animations depend on any quantity
  • Stylized Maps: Mapbox integration allows for customizable and stunning maps
  • Clean Scroll: Simply hyperlink to different webpage components with smooth scrolling

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